DIY 3D Wooden Airplane Model Building Kit, Laser Cut Assembly Puzzles, Educational STEM Toy for Adults and Kids to Build

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Brand Hands Craft
Puzzle type Assembly and Disassembly
Manufacturer Minimum Age (MONTHS) 168.00
Number of Pieces 145
Item Dimensions LxWxH 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches
  • 3D LASER CUT WOODEN PUZZLES – These 3D laser cut wooden puzzles comes in various elaborately detailed shapes, from animals to vehicles and more, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Choose your favorite ones or collect them all! This is a fun, engaging, and challenging DIY project for both kids and adults to work on assembling as a mentally stimulating hobby activity. It’s a great for boys and girls, including adults, this quiet do-it-yourself activity is perfect for the entire family.
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC – Made of high quality safe, environmentally friendly natural plywood materials that have grooved edges with smooth finish and no jagged edges to make it safe for children! Our non-toxic and environment-safe puzzles are crafted with excellence and care to be long-lasting and durable. Each puzzle comes with easy-to-punch-out precision laser cut pieces from wooden sheets with easy to follow step by step assembly instructions. Keep your kids safe while letting them have fun!
  • EDUCATIONAL, STIMULATING ACTIVITY – This is a great interactive toy for kids who like to engage in STEM learning with the best interactive materials available. Our brain teasing puzzles stimulate creativity, enhances focus, improves cognitive and fine motor skills, and teach patience. No tools or glue are required so you don’t need any extra equipment for this multipiece 3-dimensional puzzle, and your kids can freely work on these 3D puzzles without supervision. Smart kids play with smart toys!
  • GORGEOUS DÉCOR – These model building puzzles are beautifully crafted and once assembled, becomes eye-catching 3D display pieces perfect for home decor. It comes with precision laser-cut wooden puzzle pieces that kids can easily punch-out of sheets and then assemble into animal creatures or vehicles or unique structures and objects. With such cool toy and decoration that is also a stimulating and educational activity for children and adults, these modern DIY wooden puzzles are sure to impress.
  • MEMORABLE GIFT IDEA – DIY 3D laser cut wooden puzzles are for everyone to enjoy. It’s the perfect present to give to puzzle enthusiasts, relatives or friends. Easy enough for anybody to craft together for parties or craft/hobby nights, the amazing craftsmanship quality and educational element will make this anyone’s favorite go-to gift to give kids and adults. Get one puzzle figure or collect them all for yourself or a loved one for their birthday, Christmas, holidays or other special occasion.
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The Hands Craft DIY 3-D Wooden Airplane Puzzles, are a perfect distraction from work or study for your child and for adults as well. The puzzles are a fun STEM toy which helps build cognitive, physical, and mental focus. The puzzle set comes with assorted pieces that can be built into vintage airplane structure. This can be built step-by-step following the guide included in the package, and once assembled (no glue required) it can be painted with any acrylic colors of your choice. The finished pieces can be placed anywhere as a show piece to enhance the ambience and make it even more gorgeous. This puzzle can be a perfect pass time or a great learning experience for kids in school or art classes to groom their creativity in a positive direction.

Benefits of Building Toys:

✔️ Enhances Spatial Awareness

✔️ Encourages Thinking and Reasoning

✔️ Involves Focus and Patience

✔️ Sparks the Imagination!

✔️ Helps Develop Problem Solving Skills

✔️ Encourages Children to Use Their Minds Instead of Relying on Technology

✔️ Can Lead Into Creative and Imaginary Play

✔️ Helps Develop Math Skills

✔️ Encourages Cooperative Play


All puzzles come in easy-to-punch-out pieces from wooden boards with each puzzle piece having smooth finished grooved edges and no jagged edges to make it safe for children. Keep your kids safe while letting them have fun!


Stimulate your children’s brains with this educational but fun interactive 3D puzzle! It will enhance your kids’ focus, creativity, fine motor skills, and patience to craft together these elaborate three dimensional puzzles.


This 3D wooden puzzle of a beautiful model airplane can be enjoyed by anyone, from young kids to adolescents to adults of all ages! It’s a fun challenging activity that results in a cool model designed with intricate details.


Each single piece is made with high precision and cut with precise accuracy to form every single piece, from the biggest to the smallest, most intricate pieces. They are easy to punch out from their cavity and then ready to be assembled.


The pieces of the puzzles are made from natural plywood which are 100% non-toxic as they are treated with natural processes so that no chemical residues are found on them. This also helps protect the environment for which we also strive for and we hope this product also inspires the future generation to do the same.


The edges are also smoothened to avoid any cuts or bruises on the skin making them very safe for children to play with and use. This will also help kids build their favorite vintage airplane model without any worries or injuries.


  • DIY Airplane Puzzles
  • No Glue Required
  • Made from 100% Natural and Non-Toxic Plywood
  • Smoothened Edges
  • Easy to Punch Out Pieces from the Cavity
  • Can be Painted with Acrylic Paint
  • Develops Cognitive, Physical, and Mental Focus
  • Great for Schools and Art Classes
Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 0.5 cm

9 x 6 x 0.5 inches


‎3.2 ounces








Hands Craft US, Inc.

8 reviews for DIY 3D Wooden Airplane Model Building Kit, Laser Cut Assembly Puzzles, Educational STEM Toy for Adults and Kids to Build

  1. Nick P

    Impressed as can be with the Pumpkin Carriage
    Just for a bit of backstory, I was raised by a father who is a nuclear engineer in the military by trade — in other words, my standards of perfection are so high that only Rick Sanchez himself could make something level enough for my tastes. That being said, this product surprised me. For $15 you get a beautiful puzzle which, although too difficult for my 6 year old daughter, was immaculately well designed, very beautiful when complete, and a satisfying level of difficulty for a 32 year old man and his 6 year old daughter to complete. I’ll highlight the strengths:1. Simple packaging containing everything you need except for a pair of tweezers and maybe some glue if you want it to be permanently constructed. It even came with a small square of sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges of the broken out pieces!2. Wonderfully detailed instructions. IKEA should take note.3. EXTRA PIECES for each and every one of the smaller (more easily lost) or finer (more easily broken) pieces.I could go on, but that’s enough for this 5-star review. No, I am not a paid endorser nor someone who received the item for free. I’m simply a guy with high standards who knows a good product when I see one, and is willing to write reviews for things that truly go above and beyond.

  2. C. Quan

    Fun but Flimsy
    Overall, this was a fun little crafting project. However, the pieces are very thin and very flimsy. At some points, the pieces didn’t seem to just snap in or go together, so you have to use a little bit more pressure to get them to fit – and that’s usually when the wood would snap or split. The makers obviously realized that this may happen because they do give you spare parts for some of the more sensitive and aromatic area.In the end, I ended up breaking some of the parts and ended up using a combo of wood glue and my hot glue gun to keep things together. I was kind of bummed because I wanted to buy some of the other kits to put together but not sure if it’s worth it any more.

  3. ElyLibrarySec @AudiobookObsession

    Fun For Adults Or Do Together With Kids
    Adults will understand directions better than children and that’s why I suggest helping the kids put this puzzle together. Some kits have numbers on the wood that hold the pieces in place. That’s not here. You have to look at the pictures on the instruction sheet. There were a couple of times that I had to remove pieces and rearrange them because the directions (pictures only, with letter/number piecs) were hard to tell which way the piece was to be placed.On the whole, I had a great time putting it together. It took just under two hours to finish. Just make sure to be patient if you have some of the same issue. But it does look cute once you’re finished. I’ve also found that once you’ve done one, it slowly becomes an addiction. This was my third finished puzzle. And I’ve already purchased my next.


    Very FRAGILE..
    Instructions are not the best. The parts are tiny and the plywood thin, so be very careful and have some crazy glue handy. Very cute when finished, but to fragile for a child to play with.

  5. Laisha Griffin

    good for family fun
    so fun to do as a family

  6. debbie

    Good transaction. Nice hobby item.

  7. John

    Good gift for adults
    This puzzle was relatively easy to put together. Tweezers are a good tool to have if you have big hands. A good gift for adult or anyone 15+. Once completed and left alone it is sturdy but if moved a lot falls apart easily. On tripod I suggest gluing it together as the legs of the tripod fall off easily.

  8. Denis

    Great kit
    Wonderful kit and interesting puzzle.Good cut, and it was not hard to assemble but you really have to pay attention to instructions and be gentle with parts. Easy toIt was my first assembly and I wish I was more careful – broke few pieces.Luckily broken pieces were easy to fix and they were holding up by other structural parts. I wish there was a pair of twizzers, glue and more spare parts or some kind of duplicate.Got into a new hobby and ordered few more sets. Will be much careful next time.

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